Gérald Toto is one of the distinctive voices of the iconic panafrican band Toto Bona Lokua (formed with his friends Richard Bona and Lokua Kanza). The trio have so far released two acclaimed albums, alongside a successful world tour. With Sway, Gérald has reinvented himself to offer a spiritual journey, recorded alone in his home studio. Describing ‘Sway’ as his ‘true debut album’, Toto has found his own path, guiding listeners along with beautiful vocals in intimate settlings, almost as if whispering to each of us. Gérald’s musical influences charm easily – pop romance, blues, jazz, samba, eastern/mandingo melodies and Caribbean percussion. He sings freely in his imaginary language, the one of the heart. Sway is the sound of an accomplished artist going to basics, having fun and taking us all along for the ride.